How to Light your Gas Fireplace

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Knowing how to properly operate and maintain a gas fireplace is beneficial for years of hassle-free use.  Here are excellent tips for igniting your fireplace pilot.

  • Locate your gas fireplace control panel. The lighting instructions will be on a card inside, or you can refer to the owners manual.
  • Locate gas shutoff leading to the fireplace and ensure it is turned on – handle should be parallel to the flexline or gas pipe.
  • Make sure the main burner switch, thermostat or remote control is in the “OFF” position.  Then check to make the sure the pilot knob is also in the off position.
  • Now push the pilot knob in and turn to “PILOT” position.
  • Push in and hold the pilot knob while repeatedly depressing the igniter button.
  • Once the pilot lights, continue to hold the pilot knob for at least one minute before slowly releasing. Pilot light should remain on.
  • Now turn pilot knob to the “ON” position.
  • Finally, turn on your main burner switch, thermostat or remote control

If you should have any issues or concerns with igniting your gas fireplace, contact W. A. Tolbard.

For your convenience, WA Tolbard has added this video, “How to light your Fireplace Pilot”.