Gas Stoves

Heating with Gas Stoves in Frederick and Urbana, MDThe key features of gas freestanding gas stoves are ambiance and convenience. With a push of a button, or the turn of the thermostat, the glowing, dancing fire in a gas stove is instantaneously warm and tremendously soothing. Then, just as quickly, the fire can be turned off! Gas stoves are both beautiful and efficient, serving as heaters as well as interior design elements. And, gas stoves today can help people with older central furnaces save money on the cost to heat their home. Yet, the newest feature to gas stoves is how much the fire looks like a wood burning fire! Click here to view more of our gas stoves!

Options Galore In Gas Stoves

There are three different types of gas freestanding stoves – top vent, direct vent or vent-free. Within these categories there is a wide range of available sizes with varying heating capabilities. This full menu creates a wide variety of options for people interested in adding a gas stove. But, the best benefit to gas stoves is the installation flexibility which makes it easy to install a gas stove in just about any location in a house.

Gas Stoves Look Like Wood Burners

The viewing window plays a tremendous role in the enjoyment of gas stoves today because of the beauty of the fire. Advanced burner technology has aided in the development of gas stoves that feature large, dancing yellow flames and glowing red embers that so closely resemble a wood fire, even die-hard wood burners have a hard time telling the difference. This authentic “wood-like” appearance is also improved by intricately molded and handpainted logs that look just like fresh cut wood… it’s that amazing!

Gas Stove Zone Heating Saves Money

Gas stoves can help save money on heating costs through “zone heating.” With this concept, a stove is used to heat only a specific area of a home, such as family room or living room. In homes with older central furnaces, zone heating with a gas stove can help reduce fuel consumption, conserve energy and save dollars while maintaining comfort. But the most exciting part of zone heating is how gas stoves provide a wonderful, penetrating heat that furnaces can’t beat and an aesthetically-pleasing fire.

A Style for Every Home

Gas stoves can be purchased in a tremendous array of designs, colors and finishes. Many manufacturers produce stoves that reflect certain architectural styles, such as Contemporary, Mission, Art Deco, Early American and French Country. Brushed metals and high gloss porcelain enamel in dozens of colors are also frequent design elements on gas stoves, while granite, marble or soapstone panels add textural interest. A gas stove can also add appeal and blend easily into the interior design scheme of a room.


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Type: There are three types of gas freestanding stoves – top vent, direct vent and vent-free. Choosing the right type of stove is dictated by regional climate as well as the age and construction of a home and the amount of heat required.

Size: Gas stoves can range from small to extremely large, but choosing a size is based more on the amount of heat the stove needs to generate. One key to selecting the right stove is determining the desired heat level in the rooms that will require heat.WA Toldbard Excels in HVAC Installation in Frederick, MD

Location: A gas stove must be installed a specific distance away from combustible materials such as drapes and doors. The distance from a wall will vary from stove to stove, but can be as little as four inches depending on the type of stove.

Venting: Gas stoves can be top-vented through an existing chimney or B-vent aluminum gas pipe, or direct-vented through the wall behind the stove or through the ceiling above the stove. Vent-free gas stoves require no venting.

Features: The delivery of heat from most gas stoves is controlled by use of a wall thermostat, although some have remote control devices. Other features include variable speed blowers and glass doors that allow a full view of the fire. Adjustable heat output and flame height are additional options.

Style: A wide variety of designs, finishes and colors is available to fit with virtually any room décor. These include contemporary, colonial and traditional styles; textured metals and high gloss enamel paint; stone panel insets; and legs versus pedestal bases.