Gas Fireplaces

An Efficient and Beautiful Heating Choice in Frederick County, MD

Gas Fireplaces in Urbana MD

W.A. Tolbard will handle all aspects of your gas fireplace installation. We do not use subcontractors. You can be assured that your installation and service is performed by the W.A. Tolbard employees that you have trusted for over 25 years. Services include:

  • Permit coordination – Frederick County or Frederick City
  • MD licensed gas fitter
  • Propane tank coordination
  • Complete warranty coverage
  • Fully staffed service department

Gas Fireplaces

With hundreds of designs, styles and sizes, there’s a gas fireplace for almost any home in North America. Gas fireplaces offer many benefits, including convenience and ease-of-use. Excitingly, gas fireplaces are one of the hottest hearth products on the market for new and existing homes because of the incredible installation flexibility and wide array of log styles and flame choices. But, the best news about gas fireplaces is how much the fire looks and performs like real wood.

Gas Inserts

For people interested in enhancing the look and feel of an existing wood burning fireplace, we have great news. It’s now easier than ever before to increase the efficiency of a fireplace by adding a gas fireplace insert. The installation of a fireplace insert can turn an occasional source of warmth into a convenient and easy-to-use supplemental zone heater that can help control high home heating bills while protecting winter air quality.

Gas Logs

The ambiance of a flickering fire in the fireplace can take the edge off a hectic day and soothe away stress. For those with limited time or energy, building a welcoming fire isn’t always a simple task. But there is a solution. Install a set of gas logs into the fireplace and enjoy a fire in seconds, whether for an hour or the entire evening. Gas logs are easy to use, require little maintenance, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a fireplace, whether turned on or off!